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How To Be Japanese: Your Normal Is Not My Normal

It’s baaaaaack!

By popular demand, Miyo’s solo show is coming back on March 4. Get your tickets today!

Wear My Story

Wear My Story!

Each design is related to Miyo’s stories, her random thoughts, or fun facts.  We hope you will “feel” it when you wear them.

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What would you do when you find an intruder on your property? Do you scream or call 9-1-1? Miyo takes an unconventional method to deal with the intrusion.

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Storytelling Stub

Resources, tools, and tips that may help you with writing and storytelling.

When to Stop Editing?

I don’t know about you, but editing is a joy and also a nightmare for me. I enjoy editing. I love editing. Every time I perform, I find something to improve, so I edit. Whenever I edit, I want to try my story out on the stage, so I do…

Reinvent Your Game with Deep Learning

Something has changed about Master Habu, a professional shogi player and a chess FIDE Master. Shogi, known as Japanese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. Habu is the only person to simultaneously hold…


Miyo’s mumbling thoughts at the moment…

I’ve come a long way…

I’ve come a long way…

Looking back, I’ve come a long way. Much longer than a few years. I joined Toastmasters at the end of 2009 just to improve my English speaking skills. At that time, I didn’t value speech delivery all that much. I thought…

Keep Running

Keep Running

December is called Shiwasu (=師走) in the old Japanese language. The first character, 師, means teacher, monk, master. The second character, 走, means to run. In ancient Japan…

I’m not a comedian! Or am I?

I’m not a comedian! Or am I?

Sometimes people ask me if I’m a standup comedian. As you may know, most of my stories are entertaining, but my answer has been NO! But one day I wondered what people see in my stories..

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