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Every object has a story. Stories connect people. Storytelling brings people together. That’s why I love storytelling.

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How to Describe Physical Appearance

How many words do you have in your physical appearance vocabulary? You may not need too many details to describe characters in your story, but it’s imperative to convey their physical features enough that your readers or listeners can envision and engage them.A...

Pick Words that Enrich Your Story

"Avoid using adjectives and adverbs in poems," my friend said. Because economy of words is essential for poetry, she explained, we need to use descriptive verbs instead. For example, instead of saying "she walked quietly," say "she tiptoed." To describe "run quickly,"...


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Craft a Story That Changes People’s Minds

Craft a Story That Changes People’s Minds

Inspiration4, the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight mission to orbit, returned to Earth Saturday, September 18, 2021, after spending 48 hours in space. To be honest, I like space in general, but I didn’t understand those who want to go to space. We have the...

Don’t Over-Analyze Your Audience

Don’t Over-Analyze Your Audience

When you tell a story, how do you analyze your audience? Do you read their posture? Or maybe their facial expressions?Sharing a story virtually makes it difficult to read people, doesn’t it? Sometime, you hear the sound of dishes clanking or irrelevant conversations...

You’re the Only One Who Knows Your World!

You’re the Only One Who Knows Your World!

Has anybody told you that they didn’t “get” a part of your story although everything was perfectly clear to you? That’s because not everybody knows your world entirely. We need to be conscious about what people know and what they don’t. After being postponed for one...

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