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How To Be Japanese

Thank you, Vancouver! That’s a wrap!

How To Be Japanese: Your Normal Is Not Normal” was a great success! Thank you, Vancouver for your warm welcome and hospitality!

If you had the opportunity to watch the show, I kindly invite you to share your testimonial with me. If you’ve already taken the time to do so, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. Your contributions hold immense value for me, and I truly appreciate your support.

Dare To Be

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Check out Miyo’s winning Moth StorySLAM story, “Have an Open Mind!” 🎙️ It’s a real, down-to-earth tale that’ll stick with you. Get ready for some straight-up storytelling that’s sure to leave you thinking.

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Thought-provoking insights, storytelling resources, and practical tips that I find worth sharing. 

Evolution in Action: The Art of Survival

Bronze-cuckoos are the ultimate pranksters of the bird world! These sneaky birds lay their eggs in the nests of songbirds. As soon as the cuckoo chick hatches…

The Voice Behind Sky

OpenAI’s recent controversy surrounding the voice model “Sky” has sparked widespread discussion. Initially, I hesitated to delve into the topic, but upon reading…


Miyo’s mumbling thoughts at the moment…

Miyo 2.0 ~ From Newcomer to Neighbor

Miyo 2.0 ~ From Newcomer to Neighbor

Have you ever asked yourself where you fit in? I certainly have… for a long time. As a kid, my family moved frequently within Japan. Sometimes, we moved before…

How to Break into Storytelling Shows

How to Break into Storytelling Shows

When people ask me how to get booked for storytelling shows, I always suggest they attend one of my shows so I can introduce them to the producers. Building rapport…

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