Binge Fringe Festival of Free Theatre

International Selection

Santa Monica Playhouse
Main Stage

60 mins

October 21, 2023 @ 3pm
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You Say What! Coming to America

“You Say What!” is a storytelling extravaganza with five immigrant storytellers who came to America. Get ready to redefine your boundaries and challenge your perceptions. Their stories will take you on an exhilarating roller coaster ride through the realms of their world. It’s time to experience life from new perspectives and embrace the twists and turns of their narratives. Are you up for the ride?


You Say What! Arrive en Amérique

“You Say What” est un spectacle de contes exceptionnel avec cinq conteurs ayant immigré aux États-Unis. Soyez prêts à redéfinir vos limites et à remettre en question vos perceptions. Leurs histoires vous embarqueront dans un tour de montagnes russes exaltant à travers les royaumes de leur monde. Il est grand temps de découvrir la vie sous de nouvelles perspectives et de se laisser entraîner dans les méandres de leurs récits. Êtes-vous prêt pour le voyage ?


えっ! アメリカ上陸

“You Say What!” (えっ!)は、渡米してきた5人の移民が語る豪華な物語の祭典。ちょっと快適ゾーンから出て、自分の常識に挑戦してみぃひん?ローラーコースター並みのおもしろさやで。みんなの紆余曲折ある話聞きながら、新しい視点から自分の世界を見る時がきてん。来る?

¡¿Qué dices?! Llega a América

“You Say What!” Es un show de storytelling con cinco inmigrantes contando cómo llegaron a Estados Unidos. Prepárate para redefinir tus límites y desafiar tus percepciones. Estas historias son una montaña rusa de emociones a través de los mundos de los narradores. Es hora de experimentar la vida desde nuevas perspectivas y aceptar los giros de sus narrativas. ¿Estás listo para el viaje?

Anong Sabi Mo! Pagdating sa Amerika

“You Say What!” (Anong Sabi Mo!) ay isang pagdiriwang ng kwentihan kasama ang limang imigranteng tagapag-kwento. Humanda kayo na bigyan ng bagong ibig sabihin ang inyong mga hangganan at hamunin ang inyong mga pananaw. Dadalhin kayo sa isang mabagsik na paglakbay sa katotohanan ng kanilang daigdig. Oras na para maranasan ang mga bagong pananaw at tangkilikin ang mga balakid ng kanilang mga kuwento. Sama kayo sa biyahe?



  1. Alex Stein

    Miyo’s shows never disappoint, but this was a great one! Wonderful diversity of storytellers, experiences, and viewpoints. Highly recommended!

  2. Aprille

    If you are needing an uplift to your sensibilities, I have the solution for you!
    Go to hear, see, feel and relate to the wonders of storytelling told at “You Say What?” Once again Miyo has corralled a group of facile tellers, hailing from all around the globe. Go! – Your Fancy will be Tickled!

  3. Erika Cilengir

    From beginning to end, “You Say What” was engaging, funny, and poignant. The outside world disappeared as I was drawn into each of the stories. I will definitely be back for more! Thank you, Miyo.

  4. Dave G

    I’d seen both Miyo and Roy perform at Strong Words so I knew we’d hear some great stories. I was not disappointed. I know may people who have immigrated to America and have heard some of their experiences. These stories rang true.

    We missed Roy due to traffic 🙁 Hopefully he will reprise it at another show.

    Each storyteller pointed out some of the absurdities of life America, the time flew by. I’d recommend this show to everyone.


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International Storyteller Lineup

Roy Cruz at You Say What!
Lichelli Lazar-Lea at You Say What!
Frank Traynor at You Say What!
Martine Brousse at You Say What!
Miyo Yamauchi at You Say What!
Jon White at You Say What!

Fun video clips will be released soon. Please check back!

Roy Cruz

The Philippines

Roy Cruz sitting on a sofa

Born and raised in the Philippines, Roy Cruz is a storyteller who started out as a standup comedian. He also created and produced the critically acclaimed and box office hit show Streep Tease: An Evening of Meryl Streep Monologues Performed by an All-Male Cast. He is also a visual artist and an actor. He is appearing in the Colin Farrell Limited Series on Apple TV and the ABC show Prank Panel this fall. His essay How Faye Dunaway Saved the Christmas Pageant was published in and Janeane Garofalo’s Greasy Hair was published in the book Out on the Edge: America’s Rebel Comics

Lichelli Lazar-Lea

United Kingdom

Lichelli Lazar-Lea sitting on a sofa
Trinidad-born, England-raised, California-matured, Lichelli Lazar-Lea’s multicultural upbringing has made her truly unique. Lichelli started her career in production in the nineties; working on music videos and commercials until writing/directing her UCLA thesis film “The Truth About Angels.” Lichelli then turned her attention to movie marketing and is currently the VP of Global Creative Advertising at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Lichelli performs regularly at story slams across Los Angeles such as The Moth, where she has been a multiple GrandSLAM winner and featured on their radio hour. Lichelli’s emotional true story about meeting her Trinidadian father for the first time at age 19 went viral on SoulPancake, inspiring her to write the memoir that she will one day finish in her “spare time”! Lichelli is passionate about Caribbean carnivals, riding horses and being a mom to her terrific teen.

Frank Traynor

The Argentine Republic

Frank Traynor sitting on a sofa

Frank Traynor is originally from Argentina, but he doesn’t like soccer, so let’s avoid that awkward conversation. He is a four-time Moth champion, the winner of the Bellflower Searches for the Greatest Storyteller, the producer of the comedic storytelling show “It’s Funny Now“, a musician, and an internationally multi awarded advertising creative; but mostly, a married father of five children, three of which are cats–although he is not sure if the other two are as well.

Martine Brousse


Martine Brousse sitting on a sofa

Martine Brousse has been writing for years: stories and vignettes for fun and a professional blog as a patient advocate.
Since joining famous storyteller Barbara H. Clarke’s class in 2019, Martine studies the more structured and expressive world of storytelling, unveiling new creative horizons and opportunities to see her life from wider and deeper perspectives.
Although native to France and a polyglot, Martine’s language of choice is English. She has presented her stories at several shows with Ms. Clarke and has spent the last few years honing presentation and public speaking skills through Toastmasters International.

Miyo Yamauchi


Miyo Yamauchi sitting on a sofa

Born and raised in Japan, a Moth StorySLAM champ, Miyo brings a unique perspective and sense of humor to storytelling. During the day, she works as a computer programmer, writing narratives for computers to perform. Her insatiable curiosity about life, people and the world leads her on many adventures and results in stories that delight her audience.
“You Say What!” was born from her comedic, poignant, and thought-provoking solo show, “How To Be Japanese: Your Normal Is Not My Normal.”

Jon White

United States of America

Jon White sitting on a sofa
Jon White, is a dad/banker/storyteller/man who lives in North Hollywood, California. Jon once had it all—a beautiful wife, happy kids, a big house and a dream job raising billions of dollars as an investment banker. He was living his best life, until the Great Recession of 2008 slammed him, followed by the Not-So-Great Divorce of 2016. After years of recovery and self-discovery, Jon has finally found peace and happiness again in his two kids who adore him, his loyal friends who stood by him, and his new love, storytelling.

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