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I don’t know about you, but editing is a joy and also a nightmare for me. I enjoy editing. I love editing. Every time I perform, I find something to improve, so I edit. Whenever I edit, I want to try my story out on the stage, so I do. Then, I find something to improve…and I repeat the process. Audiences may not notice the changes I make because they are subtle, but those little changes like taking one more second pause, replacing words, deleting one word, or switching sentences make huge differences. They can change audience’s reaction completely. It’s truly fascinating. But at the same time, it’s daunting because editing is endless! And also, you constantly doubt your judgement.

The other day, I had a standup comedy show. After having endless edits for weeks, I was done. From writing to choreography, there was nothing I needed or wanted to change. If I do more editing, I will ruin it, I thought. Then, my mentor, Nicole Blaine, and fellow comics asked me to do my set for them a few days before the show. What’s the harm? So I did. But that last rehearsal gave me golden feedback, which took my set to the next level. Now, I wonder what else I can change. See? Editing is endless!

When do you stop editing? How do you know when you’re done? Share your secrets!

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