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A long time ago, somebody told me that the more keys you get, the more your life gets complicated and busy. Fortunately, the number of keys I have to hold hasn’t increased much. Two for my apartment, two for my work, and my car, but somehow my life is getting busier and busier. These days, I started feeling like drowning.

As far as I see, most of the items don’t take much time or effort. So when somebody asks me for something, I say “sure!” and add it to my calendar. When I see my friends performing and my calendar is open, I attend. Oftentimes, I find myself running for minute-by-minute schedule. Most of them are easy peasy and fun, but it surely all adds up and more or less, it drains my energy. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy those activities and supporting my friends and also I have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but I’m not a social butterfly. I’m an introvert who recharges by “Me Time.” A packed schedule gives me anxiety.

The other day, my friend threw a question at me after seeing me being volunteered for various tasks.

Hey, you know you can say NO?

Yes, I do. I do know that I can say no. But do I know when I should say no? Do I know which request to take and which one to turn down? That’s the question. Maybe I can cut some charity work. What about the websites’ maintenance? I can eliminate some of the features. And maybe I should cut some workshops that do not give me much values. But I love the people in the groups! What about the newsletters? But I know you’re reading it. Yes, you! You’re actually reading it right now. And some of you send me nice emails from time to time. Thank you!

Okay, I’ll prioritize my to-do list and eliminate some of the tasks and events. I can do this. I know how to prioritize them and say no.

A phone buzzes. My friend invites me to a show. So I declined. “Sorry, I have another commitment that day.”

See? I told you that I could! I’m so proud of myself. Then, she says, “Thank you for getting back to me. The show is on other dates, too. When are you available?”

S@#t! I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t. I thought I knew how prioritize tasks and cut things down, but I guess I don’t. Besides, they’re all important to me. Well, at least I know I don’t know what I don’t know…

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