“I knew that was his work!”

My friend exclaimed. A fighting scene in a trailer of the movie, “Rebel Moon,” reminded him of another movie. After a quick search, he affirmed that it was the same director, Zack Snyder. The unmistakable dark style, defined by unique beats, angles, and lighting, resonated—a cinematic essence reminiscent of revitalized comic books on the big screen. I thought it was cool to have such a distinctive stamp that people can recognize.

Recent findings from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Leeds reveal the individual uniqueness of our tongues through AI and 3D imaging. While I was aware of cultural differences in taste buds, it’s fascinating that even a single bud can be so distinctive. They could be identified with an accuracy of 48 per cent. Just a single bud. Can you believe that? Much like identifying a filmmaker through their cinematic choices, having a distinguished style—whether in taste or aesthetics—adds a unique charm.

Scrolling through Instagram, I often find myself predicting the authors of posts solely based on their characteristic camera angles and colors—a testament to the power of personal style.

Now, I ponder, what defines me? I’m uncertain if others recognize me by my storytelling style. While I have favorite storytellers, discerning their unique styles poses a challenge.

In your pursuits, what makes you?


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