“It takes someone of taste to realize how much words of support and encouragement mean to those on the receiving end.” ~ Jacqueline Kennedy

What Makes You Smile?The other day, I ordered audio books online. (Why audio books? That’s another story.) I felt ripped off when I found that they were sold on Amazon, too. It was a couple of dollars cheaper and the delivery was much faster than the seller’s website. But the grumpy feeling disappeared when I opened the package a few weeks later. There was a handwritten note inside, saying “Hi Miyo, Thanks for your order!” It reminded me that there was another person on the end of my order who cares and loves the product as much as I do.

Now that our world is getting faster and more digital day by day, the human touch is easily forgotten. Little gestures have bigger values than ever. What makes your favorite places, favorite? What makes a successful business? Isn’t it their little gestures that make you happy and smile?

StoryMasters is a happy place for me. While the Open House committee was preparing for the event, “For Love of Stories 2.0,” many members offered their help, asking “How can I help make the event more successful?” Each speech evaluator reached out storytellers, asking “How can I help you succeed?” Their small yet thoughtful gestures made me feel their love for the club and members. They inspired me to do a better job, too. In the end, these little gestures led to the huge success of the Open House, which I’m grateful for.

The handwritten note is still on my desk, making me smile.

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