How do you train your creativity? Do you have any rituals to be creative? Researchers at Ohio State University have developed a new method for training people to be creative. According to the research, it works far more effectively than current methods. Do you want to learn more about it? Of course you do! Let’s dive in.

The new method, based on narrative theory, helps people be creative in the way children and artists are: by making up stories that imagine alternative worlds, shift perspective and generate unexpected actions.

The current creativity training technique is divergent thinking, which has been in use since the 1950s. It works through exercises designed to, among other things, expand working memory, foster analogical thinking and promote problem-solving. A major issue with divergent thinking is that its computational approach relies on data and information about the problems and successes of the past, which means it cannot come up with true original actions or prepare you for new challenges you know little or nothing about.

That’s where the new technique works beautifully, because the human brain’s narrative machinery can weave new stories. For example, think about the distracting audience member at your speaking event. Now, imagine that all your audience members are like that. How would that change your writing or speaking?

“Creativity isn’t about guessing the future correctly. It’s about making yourself open to imagining radically different possibilities,” Prof. Angus Fletcher of OSU said.

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