It’s been busy two months filled with blessing opportunities; Write Work (6/30); Shoot ‘Em Up (7/17); Strong Words (7/27); the Otter Story Hour (8/5).

Every time when the opportunity was presented, I thought that the timing wasn’t good. I had already committed to the storytelling workshop way before any of these storytelling shows. As you know, preparing for a workshop is already a big job.

Am I ready for it?

Whenever I asked myself, the answer was no. If I take another commitment, I may fail either or both of them. Maybe I shouldn’t be a presenter at the workshop in the first place. Endless doubts were swirling. I’m also planning to take a trip in September. It’s better to reschedule them after the trip.

But will I get the opportunities again if I postpone them? Will I be perfectly ready if I push them back? No and no. They is no guarantee that I’ll be asked again in the future. Also, even if I delay them by a month or three months, there is always something. After all, I said yes to all of them.

It turned out that it was the best choice I’ve ever made! Each show was delightful. Incredible stories, unique ambience, and lovely audience. Every time I was grateful for the opportunity and had a blast!

There is no such thing as perfect timing. Just say yes to the opportunity! You may be surprised to see how ready you have been.

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