“Cardi B was hit on the stage!” The incident was covered by every TV station. When I saw the headline, I thought “Another one?” Recently, some artists like Harry Styles and Kelsea Ballerini were hit by an object during a concert.

Honestly, none of those artists was my interest, so I tend not to pay them much attention. However, this instance captured my curiosity. In the footage, I saw Cardi B who was doused with water got mad and threw a microphone to the culprit and her security team escorted the person out.

Concert Image by Vishnu R from Pixabay

Although I didn’t agree with her reaction, I totally understood her anger. At the same time, I wondered why the person splashed. What motivates such disrespectful actions? Who engages in such behavior? So I googled and this is what I found.

Cardi B asked the crowd to douse her with water, saying it was hot. A fan splashed. Cardi B asked more. Another fan obliged. She asked more. Then, another fan did, too. But this time, the water had ice in it, which struck the singer.

Ha! Isn’t it interesting? I could see both sides.
At such an intense moment, the artist didn’t know what hit her. She thought she was attacked by an “unknown object.” On the other hand, the fan was just responding to her idol’s plea. Her execution was flawed, but it stemmed from admiration rather than malice. In fact, after the incident, she was in tears, expressing apologies. 

When weaving a story, it’s wise to think twice what aspects we emphasize, how we narrate, and the language we employ. Depending on what information we include or omit, it can be a total different story.

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