There are so many groups in the storytelling community. Once you start “dating,” you keep meeting “new matches.” If you know me, I’m not talkative, but all the storytelling events that I have attended encourage me to engage with strangers because we share the same interest. Stories! Everybody is generous to share
what they know. It always reminds me of NOLA. When I asked locals in New Orleans about where to eat, they never stop talking. They’re passionate for food! And story lovers are passionate for stories!
Dive into the storytelling community. Try to engage with people sitting next to you. You may be surprised to see how your world opens up to new possibilities! If you don’t know where to find out about storytelling events, these groups may be a good start:

  • Storytelling Association of California: A voice for listeners and storytellers for California, reminding the community of the power and the joy of storytelling. Check their newsletter here!
  • National Storytelling Network: Outside of CA? No problem! You can find all kinds of storytelling concerts and workshops in and out of California.
    The following two groups are Facebook groups that require a registration. Performers and producers in LA share their upcoming shows, bits/clips, opportunities, and news through Facebook.
  • LA Storytelling
  • Storytellers Los Angeles

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