The other day, I was watching a Lifetime drama—not a good Lifetime movie but a soapy one with deceptions and murders. (Hey, don’t judge me! I may get an innovative idea for my stories!) When a protagonist took a fall after being chased by a villain, I chuckled because it was way too hammy. Even kids can do a better job than that. On top of that, the setting was all wrong. It was obvious that she was supposed to fall there. But the cheesy scene triggered a surprise flashback.

I had a perfect story.

A few days before that, I wrote a story…in my dream. Yes, you read it right. In my dream. It isn’t unusual for me to be productive while I was sleeping. I’ve found a solution for a programming issue and learned some new tricks before. So writing a story in my dream was no surprise to me.

The structure, story arc, plot, character setting…everything was exquisite. I even choreographed movements because they were key elements for the story. A dramatic fall would come in the end. Oh, that would be splendid! My only issue was how to execute the fall. I didn’t want to make it cheesy or mediocre because the story was so good! (Now, you know how the silly Lifetime drama played an important role here!) I knew I was dreaming in my dream, so before I woke up, I told myself to write it down because as you know, we tend to forget our dreams as time goes on. But obviously, I forgot about it until now.

So…where is my perfect story? What was the story about? Seriously! Are there any such perfect stories in the first place? What is perfect? Did I really write it? Or was I dreaming in my dream?

I guess I need to watch another soapy drama!

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