What makes good stories? To me, good stories contains multiple layers. The first layer doesn’t challenge readers. It flows into readers’ minds effortlessly and paints an imaginary world without putting them to much work. You can enjoy the surface as is, but the real treasure is hidden. If you take a deeper look, you discover jewels underneath and appreciate the story even more.

Then, what makes great writing? Do you think that fine writers write a first draft and are done with it? Seriously!

Writing on a notebook
Great writing is not born. It’s made.

The first draft is just putting your thoughts on paper. It’s supposed to be bad. Does “bad” sound too harsh? Then let’s say “not wonderful.” Fine writers do not skimp on editing time. Well, I’m nowhere near my definition of a fine writer, but I spend a lot of time editing. Even with a tiny article like this one, I usually make more than 10 rounds of edits. Sometimes, if it still doesn’t work after multiple edits, I trash it and start over. (See? I told you I’m not a fine writer, but believe me. My first draft was so much worse than this!)

So start writing. That’s the first step you need to take.

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