The year is slipping away, and it feels like it began just yesterday. Through ups and downs, this year unveiled so much. Grateful that we’re here, sharing this very moment together.

The other day, chatting with young audience members after my storytelling show, I dove into questions about my storytelling journey, Japanese culture, and the essence of a good story. Sharing my insights, I couldn’t help but recall a similar conversation with Don.

Earlier this month in San Diego, I had the incredible honor of meeting two legends: Don Norman, the godfather of UX, and Arlene Harris, the first female Wireless Hall of Fame honoree.

Both are passionate advocates of Humanity-Centered Design, a practice where designers tackle societal problems rather than just individual needs. “People often confuse it with Human-Centered Design,” Don clarified. While Human-Centered Design is crucial, it tends to overlook sustainability, inequity, and bias issues, with a focus on immediate problems rather than long-term impacts. Don emphasized that technology should not only serve people but also protect our precious Earth and its natural wonders.

Don Norman and Miyo Yamauchi

Don Norman and Miyo Yamauchi

Neither of them is anywhere close to retiring; they’re both actively and energetically engaged. (Fun fact: Don attempted retirement five times, and each time ended up back in the game.) Don continues his global adventures, collaborating with fellow designers and imparting wisdom to the younger generation.

Reflecting on their tireless efforts to make the world a better place fills me with optimism for the future. Now, as we approach the end of the year, I wish you a 2024 filled with happiness and laughter.

Happy Holidays!


San Diego seashore

Scenic San Diego Ocean Views

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