While I was listening to Barbara H. Clark’s talking about connection at her sold-out storytelling concert, the Japanese proverb came to my mind.

The term originated with traditional Japanese tea ceremony, back to the 16th century.

Great attention should be given to a tea gathering, which we can speak of as “one time, one meeting” (ichigo, ichie). Even though the host and guests may see each other often socially, one day’s gathering can never be repeated exactly. Viewed this way, the meeting is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The host, accordingly, must in true sincerity take the greatest care with every aspect of the gathering and devote himself entirely to ensuring that nothing is rough. The guests, for their part, must understand that the gathering cannot occur again and, appreciating how the host has flawlessly planned it, must also participate with true sincerity. This is what is meant by “one time, one meeting.”

Ichigo-IchieIn this thankful month, I would like to thank each one of you for the connections we have built through StoryMasters and the storytelling community.

I’m looking forward to our next once in time encounter whether it’s in person or virtually.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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