Ending a story can be harder than ending a bad habit. When I have a vision of how to end my story, crafting a story is easy. When I don’t, it takes forever to finish writing. The ending is so important that it can change your audience’s whole perspective on your story with just a few sentences.
Often times, you can find your ending in the beginning of your story, but there are more ways to end it. Here are some examples:

  • Capturing emotion ending: The story ends leaving you emotional inside
  • Surprise ending: The story takes you where you didn’t expect it to go
  • Lessons or moral ending: The main character in the story changes
  • Cliffhanger ending: The story ends by leaving the reader wanting more
  • Question ending: The story ends with a question to keep the reader thinking
  • Funny thought/humor ending: The story ends with a humor that makes the reader laugh

What’s your favorite way to end a story?


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