Do you feel nervous before going onto the stage? Do you have any rituals to calm your nerves down?

There are many suggestions for overcoming stage fright. To me, preparation is the best medicine. 
Familiarize yourself with your material. Practice as much as you can until things feel more natural. 
When you’re well prepared, even if your mind gets distracted for some reason, your body and mouth 
know what to do.

As human beings, we tend to think about the worst case scenario because it’s the most common reaction 
we have in uncertain situations, but what’s going to happen if you forget a line and freeze? Nothing really. You’re not going to die! Nobody is going to harass or humiliate you for that.

Oh, do I have stage fright? I don’t. I feel excited before a performance. But you know what? It’s a fine line between excitement and nervousness. Think about it. Stage fright is about your brain and body mistakenly believing that you’re in danger, which means you may misinterpret the signal. You may be just excited as I am!

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