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Normal: Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. All of us at some times or in some ways feel like outsiders. That whatever it is that is normal does not include us. But when we enter a new culture, we actually are the outsider. An excellent vantage point to question the status quo.

Cast: Miyo Yamauchi

Genre: Storytelling

This show is: Humorous

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About Miyo Yamauchi

Born and raised in Japan, Miyo Yamauchi brings a unique perspective and sense of humor to storytelling. Her insatiable curiosity about life, people and the world leads her on many adventures and results in stories that delight her audience. She regularly performs at the Fanatic Salon Theater, Strong Words, other spoken word events, and the StoryMasters club. During the day, she works as a computer programmer, writing narratives for computers to perform.

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Show Reviews

"...enjoyable and very entertaining storyteller"

Ernest Kearney

An award-winning L.A. Playwright


Anthony Phills

Author and Award Winning Designer

"Miyo skillfully weaves together several stories... smoothly flowing, hilarious"

Ashton Cynthia Clarke

An Award Winning Storyteller

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