The quarantine has changed our lives tremendously and maybe permanently. It’s not all the bad news though. People are taking time to connect with their family, friends, and even neighbors in a meaningful way. I’ve been enjoying the aroma of star jasmine and fresh squeezed lemons and oranges that I picked from my neighbors’ front yards. Did you hear that Los Angeles is now blessed with some of the cleanest air in the world? (Yay LA!) Thanks to our slow-down lifestyles, our Earth is taking an opportunity to heal.

The Earth is not the only one that is taking an advantage of this situation. So am I. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take a step back from my busy life and reflect on myself. My diet has definitely improved. It wasn’t bad before, but I wasn’t proud of it, either. Because cooking is not my cup of tea and my schedule was tight, I wasn’t interested in spending my precious time on cooking. Now that I have more time and also there was no pre-made food available for a while, I started using the chopping board and pans. I’m not a good cook and still not that interested in cooking (well, time wasn’t the reason after all, was it?), but I have to admit that home-made food tastes a lot better than pre-made foods. And surprise, surprise! A plant-killer like myself is even growing green onions. It’s so easy! All you have to do is to put the white roots down in a glass and add water and sun.

Looking at the green onions’ growth every day makes me want to grow like them, too! So I started tapping into my creativity even more by attending virtual shows and workshops. Although my growth may not be as visible nor fast as theirs, I’m hoping that adding water and sun to myself will beget a difference someday.

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