Life doesn’t go as you plan, does it? Recruiters give you job offers only when you already have a job. Nobody asks you out when you are single. And when you’re busy, everybody wants you to do something RIGHT NOW! Does everybody get a special memo or something?

My world is no exception. In my ideal world, I would like to tell a story regularly. No, no, I’m not asking for every day or every week. Just once a month is good enough for me. But of course, it doesn’t go as I wish. When I have nothing, I do nothing. There is lots of mindless TV watching and scrolling through social media. I’m naturally a lazy person. Why do I want to write a story when I don’t have an event coming up? Then, a wise friend said to me,

Get a dress! It will take you to a party!

Huh? What does it mean? “When you get a dress, a party will find you. If you have a story ready, you’ll get invited to a show,” she said.

That’s pie in the sky! Nothing works that easily. I didn’t take her advice seriously, but when I finished writing a story, I received an email from somebody I didn’t know.

Our storytelling show got a cancellation. Do you have a story ready by any chance?

Get a dress!

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