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Every object has a story. Stories connect people. Storytelling brings people together. That’s why I love storytelling.

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Resources, tools, and tips that may help you with writing and storytelling.

How To Overcome Stage Fright

Do you feel nervous before going onto the stage? Do you have any rituals to calm your nerves down? There are many suggestions for overcoming stage fright. To me, preparation is the best medicine. 
Familiarize yourself with your material. Practice as much as you can...

Break The Fourth Wall

What is the fourth wall?The fourth wall is a performance convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience. While the audience can see through this wall, the convention assumes the actors act as if they cannot. From the 16th century...


Miyo’s mumbling thoughts at the moment…

A Solo Show Wasn’t a Solo Journey!

A Solo Show Wasn’t a Solo Journey!

The past six months have been a constant race with obstacles, challenges, twists and turns, but the race wasn’t stressful or chaotic. It was all fun because I wasn’t running alone. My team ran with me all the way.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything Happens for a Reason

In 2019, I declared that I was going to to do a solo show in 2020. I found a venue, signed a contract with the Hollywood Fringe and the theater, and started creating promotional materials. Then, as you might guess already, everything was cancelled in 2020. I was...

Draw A Perfect Curve

Draw A Perfect Curve

One of my pet peeves is those who hit the brake before indicating a turn signal. Clearly, they don’t understand the whole picture.Driving is art. It’s also storytelling. You cannot go too fast or too slow. You need to be attentive to details, but you...

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