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Every object has a story. Stories connect people. Storytelling brings people together. That’s why I love storytelling.

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AI – Leave Us Alone!

In the title, I claimed “leave us alone,” but in truth, it’s AI that’s telling us to take a breather. We’re all caught up in the AI craze. Not a single day goes by without hearing the buzzword “AI.” What’s amusing is…

What Makes You?

“I knew that was his work!” My friend exclaimed. A fighting scene in a trailer of the movie, “Rebel Moon,” reminded him of another movie. After a quick search, he affirmed that it was the same director, Zack Snyder….


Miyo’s mumbling thoughts at the moment…

The Value in Your Tale

The Value in Your Tale

At the beginning of last year, I attended the Moth for the first time in years. I decided to throw my name into the hat, got unexpectedly called to the stage…

Let’s Talk About Humanity

Let’s Talk About Humanity

Earlier this month, I had the incredible honor of meeting two legends in San Diego: Don Norman, the godfather of UX, and Arlene Harris, the first female Wireless…

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