Third Act.


Millennials and GenZs aren’t the only ones who can tell a joke. Check out this hilarious stand-up comedy show where we put Boomer and Gen X ladies front and center to share their most hilarious stories. From land lines to having to get up to change the channel, people born in the 20th Century will LOL at all the ridiculous things we had to endure. While people born after 2000 will learn what it was like before the internet, cell phones and social media documented all our most embarrassing moments.

This will be a special Mother’s Day show, with many of our hilarious comedians recognizing the day using their own brand of “mom humor.” You won’t want to miss this one!

Hosted by Christine Pic√≥n Van Duzer (@christinepiconvanduzer) and Stacy Dymalski (@stacy_dymalski), with a great line-up of GenX and Boomer female-identifying comedians, including Yvette Lovstad (@velvettytoads), Sally Hallada (@sallyhallada), Miyo (@miyo.thestoryteller), and Kelly Lynn Warren (@kellylynnwarren1313). Please follow all of us on Instagram, if you don’t already.

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Third Act.

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