StoryMasters: Fireside Stories II

The holiday season is approaching. It’s time to listen to some stories that warm your heart! StoryMasters‘ storytelling showcase is something that you don’t want to miss!

Thoughts after the show

StoryMasters showcaseWhen we decided to do Fireside Stories II back in July, I knew that it would be one of a kind. So did you, I guess, because our holiday showcase was sold out within a few hours after the invitation was sent out and the waitlist was getting longer each

Everything was perfect…except for the weather. It had been going downhill since Friday. What, SoCal? Are you saying that we’ll have rain on our special day? But the weather was on our side, too. On Sunday, we had some drizzle here and there, but by the time we started our showcase, rays of light started shining through the clouds. Beautiful colored leaves welcomed our guests. Yep, it was time to start our showcase!

Once again, StoryMasters exceeded my expectation. Oh, it was such a delightful afternoon, wasn’t it? (I’m truly sorry if you missed it!)

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StoryMasters: Fireside Stories II

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