Stand-Up 201 Comedy Showcase


I’m back! The Standup 101 was so much fun, so I took another class. This is the Standup 201 Comedy Showcase at the sassy venue, Crow. I hope to see you!

The venue, The Crow, is located directly behind our favorite restaurant, Birdie G’s. If you want to grab a fine dinner there before, we encourage you to make a reservation.

Directions to The Crow at Bergamot Station:
Free parking in the lot at Bergamot Station Arts Center. (You’re welcome, Los Angeles.)
We are right at the Bergamot Station Metro Stop! (You are soooo welcome, Los Angeles!)

Directions/Parking WARNING: Some map apps can’t find us! Make sure your directions have you entering the parking lot by way of Michigan Ave. It’s the only way to enter the parking lot. On Michigan Ave. you will pass the restaurant Birdie G’s. Keep going to the end of the small road where it dead ends into the Bergamot Station Arts Center parking lot.

Park close to Building E. We are hidden behind them, so walk towards E, then go to the left and walk behind them to find us.

Map to get the Crow

Safe Space! (Security guards on premises 24/7.)

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Stand-Up 201 Comedy Showcase

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