Shoot ‘Em Up

When I went to see the Shoot ‘Em Up show for the first time about a year ago, I got hooked by its unique concept. It’s a set of 3 events that you can see how true stories will be transformed to screenplays, and then to films. Seeing how 6 true stories will be evolved is truly fascinating and inspiring. This time, I will be on the show, which is more exciting!

Pt.2: The Scripts on Wed. Aug 21
Pt 3: The Films on Mon. Sept 23

July 17, 2019 Shoot 'Em UpFeatured:

  • John Flynn
  • Miyo Yamauchi
  • Courtney Allen
  • Bill Ratner
  • Ashton Cynthia Clarke
  • Carlos Kotkin

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Shoot ‘Em Up

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