Best of the Best (1/14)


It’s the beginning of Season TEN (What?!) for the Long Beach Community Theater and they’re ready to celebrate! Over the past nine years they have had 100’s of participants step behind the mic. to share their true stories and talents! Join us for a smorgasbord-sampler of some of their favorite five-minute pieces from their “big shows”, their two years spent on ZOOM, and their monthly storytelling event, “Speak. Easy.”

PLEASE NOTE: The Studio Theater is on the 2nd Floor, it is only accessible by stairs, there is no elevator.

Director’s Note:

Miyo is a new performer with the Long Beach Community Theater and we are so glad to have met her. She joined us for our October Speak. Easy. at DiPiazza’s where the theme was, ““What Lurks in the Closet?” – Real Life Ghost Stories/Scary Stories/Paranormal Activity”. She is a BRILLIANT, MASTER STORYTELLER and A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. She had us hanging on every word while simultaneously trying to contain our laughter.
There were ten storytellers that night and they all got the job done just right. Miyo was, and is, a stand out. Her timing is impeccable and she delivered. I’m thinking we might need to take a road trip from Long Beach up to LA to check out her SOLO SHOW too! Who’s with me?! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP!
For now – come, check her out (right here in Long Beach), and get a sneak-peek of what she can do on stage. When she gets going – I encourage you to just throw your hands up in the air and be grateful you are along for the ride! She is a storytelling genius and HER PERFORMANCE IS NOT TO BE MISSED.


COVID Patron Safety Protocol

Please know that at our performances you, and everyone in your party (including children), will be asked to:

  • Wear a mask within the theatre.
  • Voluntarily assume all risks related to potential exposure to COVID-19.

Company Statement:

The Long Beach Community Theater (LBCT) is a unique, storytelling theater where the participants are given a topic and five minutes to share a true story from their lives using any form of performing or visual arts they like: dancing, singing, acting, spoken word, film, or simply storytelling served straight-up – ANYTHING GOES! The LBCT provides a platform and a safe space for our friends and neighbors to express themselves and connect one story at a time. We strive to enhance our understanding of ourselves and others by producing original material revolving around social and cultural issues as well as values pertinent to the lives of our community. We believe everyone has a story and everyone’s story matters!

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Best of the Best (1/14)

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