San Francisco Free Folk Festival


The pandemic may have shut down “live” storytelling, but it gave many storytellers an unprecedented opportunity to tell their tales far and wide on Zoom. We’ve been able to enjoy — and even participate in — concerts originating thousands of miles away. In 2022, the San Francisco Free Folk Festival takes advantage of this dissolution of geographical boundaries with an invitational showcase curated by Marilyn McPhie (San Diego) and Tina Tomiyama (South Los Angeles). Marilyn and Tina have combed the southern half of the state to find seven tellers representing the diversity and creativity of the region. We hope you enjoy every one of them!

When you log in, look for the SoCal Showcase!

The SoCal Showcase
hosted by Marilyn McPhie and Tina Tomiyama


  • Ty Fance
  • Aunt Li-Anne
  • Miyo Yamauchi
  • Vicki Juditz
  • Angela Lloyd
  • Michael D. McCarty

2022 San Fransisco Free Folk Festival

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San Francisco Free Folk Festival

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