“You were finally present in your story. Congratulations!”
A director, who has observed my work for a little over a year, gave me a big hug for the first time after my performance.

20190510 Write WorkIt will soon be five years since I joined StoryMasters. I haven’t looked back since then.  The club keeps stimulating my curiosity and appetite for the art of storytelling, something I couldn’t get from other Toastmasters clubs. But sometimes I wonder if, or how much, I have improved my storytelling skills.  That’s something difficult to measure. So, I was thrilled when the director acknowledged my growth, but to be honest, I’m not quite sure what I did differently. It might’ve been a miracle performance by luck, which I may not be able to reproduce intentionally. Learning is one thing, but mastering is a whole other level.

I guess that I just need to keep doing what I love. In Japan, we say that if you’re passionate about something,
the result will follow. Hopefully the miracle performance won’t be a miracle in the future.

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