Did you catch Lessons in Chemistry? What were your thoughts? Personally, I found it enjoyable, albeit not entirely. I haven’t delved into the book, so the literary experience might offer a different view. Nevertheless, when it comes to the TV series, the storyline felt totally predictable, with the exception of Calvin’s sudden departure. The plot lacked surprise to me.

For those who haven’t caught or read it yet, I’ll give you a quick summary without spoiling it: The story unfolds in the early 1950s, where Elizabeth Zott, being intellectually superior to her lab peers, faced an uphill battle for the respect she rightfully deserved due to gender biases in her labs. Elizabeth’s journey takes an unexpected turn after being fired from the lab, leading her to reinvent herself as the host of a popular TV cooking show.

The show didn’t immediately captivate me to binge-watch since I could predict the storyline, yet I stuck with it till the end. Intriguingly, it even inspired me to craft a new comedy set for the Book Club Comedy Show, themed around the book. What made it garner so much attention? I believe the appeal lies in Elizabeth’s and Calvin’s social awkwardness, a departure from the typical upbeat protagonists we’re accustomed to. They embody a sort of Debbie Downer charm, dampening enthusiasm with their logical, fact-based perspectives—whether positive or negative. One particularly amusing moment arises when Calvin, a genius chemist, responds to the concept of sex discrimination with confusion, saying, “I don’t understand. Why would anyone discriminate based on something as intellectually non-determinative as gender?” His literal interpretation underscores his logical mind’s struggle with an illogical concept, and I found immense enjoyment in this contradiction.

The other day, someone told me, “I love your stories because you always do something slightly wrong in your stories. Something you’re not supposed to do.” Perhaps, in our shared appreciation for the quirks and oddities in each other, we find a celebration of individual weirdness. What’s your weird?

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