You may be thinking that you can’t do too much when you tell a story on screen. If you are, it’s time to change your perspective. In the digital world, there are limitless possibilities. You can create different story worlds for your audience by changing a little something.

Background: You may prefer light background to dark background, but you can make your story more compelling and dramatic with a dark background than with a light background — as long as you use the right lighting and angle. If you use a virtual background, choose a solid color or something that compliments your story. The wrong background can distract your audience and kill your story!

Props: You may need to adjust your viewpoint when it comes to props. You can magnify a tiny prop like a paper clip on screen which you cannot do live. The other day, I watched as someone used his kitchen cabinets as whiteboards. That’s called creativity!

This video ( contains 3 stories including mine. Each storyteller shows different delivery styles, which may give you some new ideas. Video editing can create a whole different world. Think out of the box and enjoy the digital world!

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