The US-based research showed that shifting food labels from “vegan” or “plant-based” to terms like “healthy” or “sustainable” could potentially motivate individuals to incorporate more dairy- and meat-free meals into their diets.


  • They tested labels for promoting vegan food, or food without meat and dairy.

  • Participants chose between two gourmet food gift baskets: one had no meat or dairy.

  • Few chose the vegan basket when labels said “vegan” (20%) or “plant-based” (27%).
  • More than 40% chose the vegan basket when labels said “healthy” or “sustainable”.
  • Labels are a cost-effective way to promote healthy and sustainable food choices.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Despite containing identical items, a greater number of individuals opted for a basket labeled as “healthy” or “sustainable” compared to one labeled as “vegan.”

When crafting your story or presentation, consider the impact your word choice can have on how your audience perceives your important message.


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