In the title, I claimed “leave us alone,” but in truth, it’s AI that’s telling us to take a breather. We’re all caught up in the AI craze. Not a single day goes by without hearing the buzzword “AI.” What’s amusing is that many times, people aren’t actually referring to AI, but they toss the term around because everyone else does.

So, what exactly is AI?

AI, short for artificial intelligence, is the realm of crafting machines capable of human-like thought processes. It handles tasks we consider “smart,” although it’s often used colloquially in reference to anything computer-related.

Did anyone catch the scoop on Sora (Sora means the sky in Japanese)? It’s this AI wizardry that crafts lifelike and fantastical scenes straight from text commands. Pretty mind-blowing stuff they’re pulling off. But, here’s the kicker: amid the awe, there’s a bit of a cultural oopsie. Take a peek at their website, and you’ll spot the top image featuring an Asian girl strolling down the street. At first glance, it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but dive deeper into the AI-generated content, and you’ll notice something’s off about the hands (Honestly, I’ve yet to come across an AI-rendered hand that looks anything close to right.). And if you’re Asian or know Asian languages, those background signs? Totally butchered.

Oh, you want to hear more? Let’s dive into Google’s AI, Gemini. Someone requested it to generate images of either a pope or a viking. Can you believe what happened next? Gemini produced individuals of color—no white representation whatsoever. Quite surprising, isn’t it? I get that they aimed for diversity inclusivity, but it seems they missed the mark on reality.

Popes and Vikings are obvious targets for misinformation, but what about when it’s something obscure, something nobody can verify? Does it then become our new reality? Will it eventually rewrite our history books?

While it frustrates me that AI consistently fails to render hands correctly, there’s a silver lining: it provides a sense of comfort, reassuring me that what I’m seeing isn’t real.

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