Storytelling has always been one of the most effective techniques for conveying your message clearly and memorably. But what is storytelling really? Why is it important? What makes a good story? What is the difference between storytelling and presenting?

In StoryMasters’ half-day, interactive workshop, you will learn the essential elements of storytelling and how to use personal stories for maximum audience impact. Want to give your storytelling skills a big boost? Looking for feedback on a finished story, or help starting a new one? Join three of the finest storytellers in Southern California for an inspired afternoon of learning and laughter. You’ll generate plenty of story ideas and get expert help on both writing and delivery.

Sunday, August 4th, 2019


1PM – 5PM


Tomiyama Residence


Miyo Yamauchi
Margaret Mitchell
Demo speaker and advisor: Barbara H. Clark

  • Limited to 20 participants
  • Although the August 4 workshop is filled, if more people register, we’ll offer the workshop a second time this summer. Do tell me now!

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